How to use Bluetooth speakers? At present, Bluetooth speakers have become more and more popular, and many people have begun to use Bluetooth speakers to enjoy convenient listening. But it may not be that everyone will do it the first time they use it. People who have not touched the Bluetooth speaker may ask how it is connected to the phone, how to use the Bluetooth speaker, etc. Below, we will introduce the basic operation and use of the Bluetooth speaker.

How should the speaker knowledge literacy Bluetooth speaker be used?

But whether it is a smart phone or a non-smart phone, most of the current mobile phones will not support Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a very good protocol in terms of file transfer. In fact, its other function is to listen to the call.

How to use Bluetooth speakers

As mentioned above, friends who have not touched the Bluetooth speaker may ask how to use the Bluetooth speaker. This is a basic problem. In fact, the Bluetooth speaker is not as high-tech as everyone thinks. It is also a tool for listening to music, but it uses the Bluetooth protocol to wirelessly transmit sound quality instead of the traditional wired connection.

Bluetooth wireless transmission is still relatively convenient

The Bluetooth protocol has undergone evolution and upgrade of multiple versions. In the previous old version of the Bluetooth protocol, due to the limitation of transmission efficiency, it was not able to achieve the transmission speed required for music listening, so it was often used for communication. Call to use. This is the mono communication Bluetooth headset we have seen before.

Bluetooth headset designed for communication use

However, the current Bluetooth protocol has been developed to version 4.0. In fact, the transmission speed of Bluetooth can support stereo music transmission. Although the 4.0 version has just been released soon, the current commercially available Bluetooth 4.0 version of the headset is not common, but many Bluetooth before. The speakers are already in stereo design. This is what we often say about Bluetooth speakers – it’s not just a speaker tool for making calls, but a device for listening and receiving music.

Stereo Bluetooth headset designed for mobile music listening

To use a Bluetooth speaker, you must have a Bluetooth-enabled device. This device is not necessarily a mobile phone, but can also be a digital device such as a tablet or a computer. Of course, Bluetooth has one more advantage that it can be backward compatible. It generally does not appear to be completely incompatible due to the difference in the transmission version.

How to connect a Bluetooth headset to a mobile phone

Of course, most people who use Bluetooth speakers must consider the convenience of use. The purpose of choosing Bluetooth speakers is mostly for portable use, so many people are going to listen to music with their smart phones. To use a Bluetooth speaker, you must first connect to your phone. This process is called pairing.

Bluetooth speaker and mobile phone pairing connection

There are many brands of Bluetooth speakers at present, although the specific function operation mode may be slightly different, but the process of pairing is basically the same. Let’s take a look at the connection process of the Bluetooth headset by taking the recent popular Selbel headset as an example. We choose the iPhone to connect. In fact, no matter what mobile phone or Bluetooth headset, the connection is basically the same, and there is not much difference. If you connect a mobile phone and a headset, then basically Operate other headset connections.

The Bluetooth option of a typical mobile phone will be in the settings. We first need to enable the Bluetooth function in the mobile phone and set it to be searchable by other devices. It usually has a Bluetooth icon display on the top toolbar of the phone or some other prominent location. The icon should be gray when Bluetooth is not connected, and the icon will turn blue when connected.

The LED will prompt the working status after the headset is turned on.

Then we need to find the switch button of the headset. The Bluetooth headset usually has a working indicator light that will illuminate in the on state. Of course, we need to have the Bluetooth headset paired to let the phone search for our Bluetooth audio device. Turning on the pairing status may not be the same as the function buttons of each headset. Generally, you need to press and hold the power button for a few seconds. We can follow the instructions of the specific headset model.

Bluetooth player connected to the phone for music playback

When in the pairing state, the indicator of the Bluetooth headset should be flashing fast. At this time, the phone will search for the name or brand of the Bluetooth speaker. We click on the pairing. If the pairing is successful on the phone, you can see the Bluetooth icon turns blue. Now, we can use the speakers to listen or make calls. In the successful working state of the pairing, the indicator light of the Bluetooth headset generally has a normal slow flashing prompt.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a computer

We know that most mobile phones are equipped with Bluetooth, but computers are not necessarily, and some notebooks have Bluetooth capabilities, but not all desktops — especially their own desktop machines. So how do you make your own headphones connected to the computer? In fact, there are still some methods.

Bluetooth module built into the laptop

First of all, let’s talk about laptops or desktop computers with Bluetooth function. These computers have built-in Bluetooth modules, which is convenient. When we install the system, we usually update the drive device, and the computer with Bluetooth function will usually update the Bluetooth drive device. Of course, if there is no update, we can download the driver of the corresponding model on the Internet to install and use.

A Bluetooth-driven interface

If the driver installation is normal, we also need to turn on the Bluetooth function of the computer and then pair it with the Bluetooth headset. It is worth mentioning that there may be a Bluetooth headset with a paired password, which was not carefully mentioned in the phone connection we introduced earlier, because iPhone pairing does not require a password, and other mobile phones or computers may need to connect. The default password for a typical Bluetooth headset is “0000”. Of course, we can also find the password in the manual of the headset. Perhaps the password of each brand is not necessarily the same.

Bluetooth adapter

A computer without Bluetooth needs to connect to a Bluetooth headset to use an external Bluetooth adapter or install a Bluetooth module in the computer. If some computers have extra jacks, you can install the module on the motherboard, but this is not an easy way. Using a Bluetooth adapter is simple and economical because it is cheaper. When the Bluetooth adapter is purchased, the driver CD or the download address is usually provided. We also need to install the driver correctly before using it.

Some Bluetooth headsets come with a small USB adapter specifically for use with a computer, and the Bluetooth adapter may support driverless use for some computers, so we can automatically identify and install the adapter directly into the computer, so the map is convenient. We can think about it

How to charge a Bluetooth speaker

Wired speakers are powered by connected devices that directly consume power from the listening device. But the Bluetooth speaker is not connected to the listening device like a normal wired speaker, so it can’t be powered by listening to the sound source, so the Bluetooth speaker needs battery power.

Bluetooth headset with built-in lithium battery

Most Bluetooth speakers are powered by a built-in lithium battery and are non-removable and require charging. At present, many earphones are equipped with a detachable lithium battery for charging, but the model of the battery is not common, and the possibility of purchase is small, and the practical significance is not large. However, some headphones are powered by versatile AAA or AA batteries for compatibility reasons, so that users can purchase batteries to replace them when there is no power.

Universal battery powered headset

Bluetooth headsets are usually given a special charger, and each manufacturer’s headset charging interface is different, but most of them use more common interface design. But now due to the full arrival of the computer era, some headphones do not come with a charger, only with a charging cable, so that we can plug in the computer to charge directly, but we can still use the USB charger to charge separately.

Speakers will come with a charger or charging cable

When the charging jack of the Bluetooth speaker is connected to the charging device, it can be used for charging. The charging time and the usage time will be given by the manufacturer in the manual or parameters of the Bluetooth speaker, but this is only the theory and the time under normal conditions, only for reference. The actual charging time depends on the voltage and current output of our power supply equipment, and the usage time needs to be determined by our actual use.

Stereo Bluetooth speakers, the difference between mono Bluetooth speakers, indeed, stereo is more advanced.

If you just make a call, you can do mono, you can connect to any mobile phone to listen to songs, with advanced audio protocol A2DP, the second is basically no radiation, stereo Bluetooth speaker can support multiple audio signals, the difference is mono Bluetooth The speaker has only one audio signal technology.