Type C to VGA Adapter


This Type C to VGA Adapter is a portable conversion cable that converts VGA audio and video output through a digital signal input with a new USB3.1 Type C interface.

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      Product name: Type C to VGA Adapter

      Plug: Type-c male, VGA
      Wire material: tinned copper OD4.0MM 24AWG aluminum-magnesium wire braid
      Appearance: Aluminum alloy shell

      Features of Type C to VGA Adapter: 

      1.Input terminal interface: adopt the latest USB3.1 Type-C interface
      USB3.1 Type-C interface is about 8.25 * 2.4mm
      USB3.1 Type-C interface contains 24pin terminals, supports forward and reverse plug
      Data transfer rate can reach USB 3.1 10Gbps

      2. Output interface: external high-definition VGA device such as to monitor, projector, TV with analog signal VGA device
      (Widely used in devices such as Google Notebook / Apple Macbook Air 12-inch USB 3.1 output to external VGA analog signals, such as monitors, projectors, TVs, and external devices with VGA interface)
      [Product Application] It is widely used in the latest generation of laptops, mobile phones, and tablets with USB 3.1 Type C interfaces, which solves the problem of perfect display device connectivity solutions for users.

      1. The main reason why the Type C to VGA is not displayed directly is that the equipment is incompatible. Some type C converters use different versions of the chip solution in production, causing this phenomenon.
      2. After connecting Type c to VGA, only the wallpaper will be displayed to the projection, only the wallpaper is displayed because you have selected “screen expansion”, change the mode to “projection” to display the content

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